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TPI Series

TPI Series


Performance Characteristics
Unique anti-injection noise suppression technology
Unique pre-filter design eliminates the impact, surge, sinking and noise interference to the power grid.

N+X redundant parallel technology
High reliability the system does not require any additional parallel cabinet, parallel operation is realized by the internal microprocessor.
Adopts non-master-slave current sharing mode with high-precision load sharing.

Intelligent monitoring interface
Intelligent monitoring interface with RS485/RS232 interface or optional SNMP for remote monitoring

Direct use of the original DC system
Save system investment and reduce maintenance costs and can be well matched with cascade batteries.

Online design
Relay + SCR compensation: inverter functional switching will never cause load flicker Realize long-term backup of load equipment.

AC and DC dual-loop input design structure
No need to increase the capacity of the rectifier and provide full protection for critical load