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TPS Series

TPS Series

Intelligent Flexibility
Compatible with LiFePO4 batteries and lead-acid batteries
Standard 19-inch rack mount, supporting wall-mounted and embedded installation
Strong overload capacity, support 150% rated load impact operation for communication equipment with load nonlinear characteristics
Output can be AC 220V and DC 48V at the same time (AC and DC isolated) for various communication loads

High Reliability
Input power factor ≥0.99
Intelligent fan speed regulation function
Battery mode efficiency ≥90% at full load
Mains power mode efficiency is as high as 99%

Green Performance
The battery power-off voltage can be set to extend the battery life
Over-voltage and low-voltage protection; output overload and short-circuit protection; over-temperature protection; battery under-voltage warning and protection; battery over-charge protection; anti-surge, lightning protection
Unattended function

Intelligent monitoring and management
Dry contact communication interface: three interfaces for mains power failure, low battery and system alarm
Standard RS485/RS232 communication interface
SNMP as option for remote monitoring